Valeria Lukyanova: The Struggling Barbie Doll

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From plastic surgery to trimming of waist and wearing kinds of makeup that will make her look like a real Barbie doll, she did all of it just to get attention of the mass. Her looks from head to toe are artificial be it her hair, breasts or that tiny extremely curved waist everything she has is a result of science and surgery. The big, glassy, dramatic eyes are in a way are scary and artificial lashes, contact lenses help her to get those eyes, not to forget her face that is sculpted to give her a Barbie look. The question is why she is famous among people because there is nothing called real in her, not even the image that she carries. And the cherry on the top is that, she considers herself to be the most famous Russian women! No wonder she has achievements too; her YouTube Channel is sported by around two million views.

This 21-years model turned Barbie doll spends hours in achieving that plastic look of a doll and to get the wide, giant glassy eyes. Some people across the globe had issues with the looks of Valeria Lukyanova, they thought she is an unrealistic personality but then her Facebook page made it clear that she is a model of Ukraine with Barbie looks as her fan page has some of her pictures without any make-up. Despite of so much hard work that this Russian model has done to get famous, there are only few people who actually appreciate her. There is nothing called as charm and attractiveness in her personality that will make her a Barbie doll, it's only her make-up and surgeries that make her look near to a Barbie.

It is an obsession for her to look like a Barbie doll and to get attention; otherwise she would not have claimed to be the most famous Russian women. Her tiny waist gives the fake look so badly that people consider her pictures to be photo shopped. With all the sharp features she carries there is nothing that will make anyone falling for her. Valeria Lukyanova is into meditation and music, she keeps on talking about her healthy eating habits, and she takes only raw food to be healthy. I feel it's only the Barbie doll that is making her famous leave apart her figure and personality. There are many who are not aware about the Barbie doll replica till date, and using such stupid things to gain popularity leaves anyone without any results. It is always said that a woman possessing all the features in a perfect way is a boring women. It is good to be real rather than adopting a total different image that you are not. 

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Valeria Lukyanova: The Struggling Barbie Doll

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This article was published on 2012/05/16
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