Jocuri Barbie - A Computer Game For Barbie Doll Fans

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Ever since the Swiss doll Barbie was introduced to the world it has been popular the world over. There have been many new faces of the doll that have come about into the market over the last 50 years. The new avatars of the doll have varied and differed from the famous shape and appearance of Barbie, for e.g. brunette dolls were introduced along with the trademark blonde versions. Dolls with different dressings and uses were also brought into the market by the manufacturers just to broaden the market. Games were introduced to make it all the more interesting and with the advent of the computers this became ever more fun.

Jocuri Barbie belongs to the era which was introduced after the growth of the online gaming phenomenon. To put it in straight simple words, Jocuri Barbie is a basically a game that incorporates all the various attributes that one could think of in terms of fun and at the same time it has kept the basic theme of Barbie alive. Surprisingly there are many versions of the Jocuri Barbie game and there is something for every enthusiast. Most of the games of Barbie revolve around the dressings and fashion and Jocuri Barbie is no different in this sense, however what they have brought is a unique blend of modern day entertainment and the developing brain. Some games of Jocuri Barbie is also targeted for the adults.

One of the most popular games are the Jocuri Barbie fashion style 1 and Jocuri Barbie celebrities. The first of these games has got several versions as well some of which are named differently. In these games one has to generally dress up a virtual Barbie with the best of the accessories available. Here the games differ in the shape and physique of the Barbie and the accessories which are generally given keeping in mind the basic them like summers or modern girl or Adult. It's a good mix of the traditional with the modern technology and the awareness of fashion and dressing sense. The Jocuri Barbie celebrities however deals with the similar games but based on a virtual Barbie that resembles any of the famous people who belong to the media and entertainment fraternity like Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Charlize Theron and even the male characters like Robert Pattinson which might be a new trend for many who have been associated with the various shades of the Barbie over the years.

The adult version of Jocuri Barbie deals with more complex issues and details of the already mentioned games and they are basically designed to attract the substantial adult market especially amongst the female segment. Barbie in Hollywood, Barbie models and the Jocuri Barbie adults etc belong to this segment of the games. It definitely is a great development and looking one cannot but wonder to the journey that the doll and the name 'Barbie' have travelled over the last 5-6 decades. It is probably the best developed toy amongst the many that were introduced simultaneously.

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Jocuri Barbie - A Computer Game For Barbie Doll Fans

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This article was published on 2011/01/12