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Barbie clothing and accessories are a very important part of owning and playing with the famous doll. It is really interesting how the entire doll industry changed the last few years; when the first Barbie dolls were out, their clothing was rather limited. There were only some really fashionable doll clothes which were mostly sold with the dolls.

Since then many things changed, as the clothes became much more important part of the doll; the outfit can be worn for every occasion, defining the several roles of the Barbie doll. The only real limit now is imagination.

Due to the Barbie outfit, the doll became now a pilot, a sailing woman, a doctor, a teacher, a nurse. Children started loving the different Barbie clothing and accessories and this gave a new boost to the sales of the doll. Several different accessories come now with the doll; hats, shoes, purses, all kinds of apparel - depending on the role and occasion.

Really close attention was paid to the style and manufacture of Barbie outfits; they are tiny clothes, miniatures of real ones, but they are absolutely realistic, featuring zippers, buttons, linings and even small gems. The quality is indisputable. Although collecting Barbie Dolls started in 1959, some of her clothes exist until today. There are many places where people can find even vintage clothes and apparels: there are many stores online that sell a variety of Barbie dolls, and a variety of clothes of all types; people also go to garage sales, or look in antique shops, since much of the clothing is available among antiques, even in high prices depending on the year of manufacture.

Barbie clothing and accessories exist in abundance; children like collecting Barbie Dolls and get to dress them in all types of fashion; Barbie comes in several different manners of dress, featuring the massive selection of clothes we would all like to have.

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Barbie Dolls Clothing and Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/05/07